Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Sweet and Calamitous

The B Team from Maine beats Akron’s NEO Roller Derby

Portland, Maine (4-11-2009)- While the Easter Bunny was busy coloring eggs, The NEO Rock ‘n’ Roller Girls were getting theirs fried. NRRG made the long trip to Portland to take on Maine Roller Derby’s B-Team the Calamity Janes, but did not come home victorious. The Janes pummeled NRRG 121-25, but they did it so sweetly that it was hard to feel defeated.

Teeny Houdini started on the jammer line and pulled in 5 points in the first jam, but NRRG was not able to keep that party going ending the first period with only 11 points. It was evident in the second period that NEO’s plan was to at least close the ever growing gap and made a gallant effort, but just were not able to best the solid defense of the Janes.

The Janes’ defense was matched by great offense, most notably Grim D. Mise who has the feet and agility of a jack rabbit. She went on to receive the MVP for the Janes and rightfully so. Other Jane juggernauts were Jenni Vicious who standing tall was perfect for knocking girls down hard; a relentless skater who had her fair share of trips to the penalty box.

As for the standard fighting spirit of the NEO Roller Girls, team captain Taking Names proved to be a formidable foe to the Janes; so much so that they awarded her with the MVP for NEO. Her hits were devastating and her endurance was amazing. Chrissie B. Hynde showed the determination of a pit bull especially in a power play jam where NEO only had two blockers and the jammer in the penalty box. Chrissie managed to corral the Janes’ jammer and keep her from breaking through her initial pass until NEO’s jammer was loose from the box. It is that kind of determination and unrelenting drive that characterizes the NEO team.

NEO finishes their official away season with 3 losses and one win.

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