Thursday, September 2, 2010

NEO is finally WFTDA!!!

Akron, Oh (9-1-2010) – NEO Roller Derby is officially a full member of WFTDA! The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association began accepting new leagues to participate in its Apprentice Program that is designed as a learning platform for leagues that want to join the ranks of the governing body of modern flat track roller derby. To complete the program generally takes a year and the apprentice league must work closely with a current full WFTDA member league to ensure that the league has what it takes to handle the rigors of being a WFTDA league.
Part of the process is bouting full WFTDA leagues which means NEO had to step up its game this season and go up against leagues that compete nationally. NEO has clearly completed all the necessary requirements and is now part of a proud group of women that can say they own and operate one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
NEO began its journey to WFTDA status officially last August, but the goal to be a WFTDA league was a founding principle when the league formed in May of 2007. NEO is the premier roller derby league in Akron and is now the only WFTDA league in the area as well. Thank you to Ohio Roller Girls, NEO's mentor league as well as Burning River Roller Girls for all their undying support and guidance over the years.
Congrats to all the women of NEO both present and past that made this journey a success!

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