Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bout: September 2008

Medina, Oh (9/13/2008) - In the final bout of their inaugural season, the NEO Rock 'n' Roller Girls blasted their opponents from Hamilton, Ontario the Hammer City Roller Girls, in an emotional 178-27 win in the game titled after a Metallica album ...And Derby For All. For the at-home season, this makes for a winning record of 3-2, but including an away game in April against the league in Evansville, Indiana, they roll away from this season with a 3-3 record.

Going up against a B-team from Hammer City, the NRRG took a deceptive approach to their roster; a roster that was composed entirely of NRRG skaters, something we haven't seen since June when they played the Xanadon'ts, a B-travel team from the Burning River Roller Girls in Cleveland.
NRRG started speed demon Teeny Houdini on the jammer line more than they had all season, as well as Phantom Fox and Chrissie B. Hynde. They reserved Scarlet GoDancin for the entire first period then added her to the jammer list. A healthy rotation of jammers proved effective seeing the point distribution. But this was not a jammer centric game. The teamwork of the NRRG was the best we have seen all season. With the return of two injured skaters, Suicide Blonde and Taking Names, and some relatively 'new' skaters like Sass E. Wench and Kwik Kyra, one would expect a rookie feel to the pack, and yet the pack was one of the most exciting elements of the game. We saw many whips, assists, jammer take outs and unity out of the NRRG all the while the jammers were raking up points.

Not to say that the HCRG didn't have their moments. The B-Team was definitely fresh, but was assisted expertly by some seasoned skaters like Ivy Rupted and Torinado who were a dynamic team of veritable pit bulls.

Top scorers for the evening were Phantom Fox and Scarlet GoDancin and the highly coveted crown of queen of the penalty box goes to Beverlee Crusher of HCRG who apparently was not even aware that WFTDA created a rule-set much less read them in detail.

The NRRG will be celebrating this season at an end of year wrap party at the LockView in Akron and looking forward to next season which already includes some away games in Pittsburgh, Evansville, Maine and Indianapolis. Stay tuned Derby Disciples and keep your ears rivoted to the roar of the NEO Rock 'n' Roller Girls!

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