Thursday, February 19, 2009

NEO Rock 'n' Roller Girls 2009 Season

The NEO Rock 'n' Roller Girls, Akron's Premier Roller Derby League, has just released its 2009 season schedule and it promises to rock the knee socks off of the Akron area.
The league, a fully functioning all-female ran frenzy of fishnets and fiercely dedicated skaters will spend the first four months of the year traveling to locations far and wide. First up is the Steel City Derby Demons in Pittsburgh, January 24th. Then they bounce to Ohio's west coast to Indianapolis where they take on the Naptown Roller Girls on Valentine's Day (February 14th).
Any scientist will tell you that it is nearly impossible for lightning to strike the same place twice, but NRRG and the Demolition City Roller Derby will attempt to penetrate into the impervious womb of Mother Nature and recreate the edge-of-your-seat home opener of DCRD's first ever bout last year. That bout was just about as intense as they get; complete with a star-pass and overtime. But when the points were tallied at the end of the sudden death jam, DCRD had won. This means two things: DCRD will be hoping to recreate the fanatic atmosphere that propelled their first season into a successful venture and NRRG will be out to exact their pound of flesh. This bout will take place in Evansville, Indiana on March 7th.
With the traveling bug nipping at their wheels, NRRG will head to Portland to take on the Maine Roller Derby on April 11th. MRD along with SCDD and NRG are all leagues sanctioned by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, although NRRG will be bouting against their B teams. DCRD will be fielding their A team and understandably so.
Then the NEO Rock 'n' Roller Girls will be returning home to open their second home season. This year, Akron's sweethearts will be bouting at the Summit County Fair Grounds which will increase the attendance capacity as well as provide a better environment for derby. The Fair Grounds also allow for beer sales, which goes well with cheering on your favorite derby girls. The home season dates are May 5th, June 14th, August 29th, September 19th and October 17th. NRRG will not host a bout during July due to the annual Summit County Fair, but they have hinted that there may be exhibition bouts tied into the planned fair events which, of course, would be free to anyone attending the fair.
The list of teams coming in to bout the NRRG has yet to be released, but cross your fingers. We may see the B teams from the Ohio Roller Girls of Columbus, as well as the Burning River Roller Girls of Cleveland, as they did last year.
Keep your eyes opened and your ears tuned to the Rock 'n' Roll scream of the NEO Rock 'n' Roller Girls as their 2009 season gets underway.

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