Thursday, February 19, 2009

Steal City Steels Glory from Akron Roller Derby League

Pittsburgh, PA (1/24/2009) - The Steel City Derby Demons of Pittsburgh beat both of their invited guest leagues in the bout titled "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Bouts" on January 24th.
The NEO Rock 'n' Roller Girls, Akron's premier roller derby league, battled Pittsburgh's B-Unit and lost 97-49. As you derby fans well know, 48 points isn't a big spread in a bout and considering it was NEO's first bout of the season with some vet's on the injured list and some newbies getting their first taste of blood, this isn't a bad score at all. The Rock 'n' Rollers fought hard, showing excellent team work, but alas, the B-Unit was just a better team. This is not difficult to understand seeing the strength of SCDD's A team Steel Hurtin'. It should also be noted that as a non-WFTDA bout the opener was only two 20 minute periods instead of the full two 30's; but with a double-header, total time is an important factor.
Bringing us to the main event: Steel Hurtin' vs. the Stepford Sabotage from Connecticut's CT Rollergirls. Steel City kept striking with the hottest iron they could find beating CT Rollergirls 149-33. CTR, plagued by some sick players and a couple of injuries during the game, fought so hard that it was incredulous to see the final score. Pearl Jammer from CTR had some memorable momments as jammer, but it was Hurricane Heather that twisted the fans into a frenzy. If you get the chance, watch this woman skate.
Up next for NRRG is the Naptown Roller Girls in Indianapolis on Valentine's Day. Stay tuned, derby disciples...
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